Leaving So Soon? Why Students Withdraw from Your Class

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 :: 12:00-12:45 PM

Pearce | room 223

Intended Audience: CMU Faculty

Facilitated by Stefanie Lassitter, Erin Smith-Gaken, and Kerri Raymond

SERIES: Noontime Knowledge: Retention: Promising and Practical Solutions

Based on a recent survey, the number one reason students leave CMU is failing to have a sense of belonging. As persistence and retention move to the forefront of higher education, faculty often struggle to understand how their role intersects with a student’s premature exit from a course or even the university. In this interactive session, we will explore the impact faculty have on retaining students through evidence from the literature and quick, easy to implement strategies for keeping students without sacrificing high standards. The objectives of this session are to 1. Analyze feedback provided by former CMU students, 2. Identify and support at-risk students, and 3.Utilize classroom management strategies to support learners. Lunch included for registrants. #studentengagement #studentsuccess #persistence #retention #buildingcommunity

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