Conquering Classroom Podium Technology

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 :: 1:00-2:30 PM

Park Library | 413

Intended Audience: CMU Faculty

Facilitated by: Brian Roberts, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Whether you are new to the university or simply interested in gaining a better understanding of the standard classroom podium technology available to faculty across campus, Brian can help. Topics will include, but not be limited to obtaining access to podiums, navigating and using the Crestron control panels, logging into machines, standard software, accessing personal storage, connecting mobile devices, switching between devices, internet connectivity, presentation and content tips and tricks, and more. Participants are encouraged to bring their mobile devices and questions. If you’re wondering about something, others probably are too. Let us help you use the classroom podium technology to its fullest potential. There will be an opportunity for attendees to work with the podium and their personal devices at the end of the session.

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