Universal Design for Learning: Engagement and Access for ALL

Monday, September 11, 2017 :: 12:00-1:30 PM

Park Library | 413

Intended Audience: Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants

Facilitated By: Kelly Nack, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning & Lynne L'Hommedieu, Student Disability Services

Overall Goal: Build understanding of how applied Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles can improve teaching and learning. Specific Objectives of Session:
• Understand Universal Design for Learning’s three core principles
• Understand how UDL improves access and learning for all students
• Be able to analyze current course materials to determine where UDL can help
• Know what resources are available to you at CMU and how to access them
• Create an action plan for applying UDL If a student in your course needed a disability accommodation, would you know what to do? Would you have to recreate all of your course materials?

Join us as we introduce the three core Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles. We’ll help you understand how applying UDL to your course now (before an accommodation request) can increase ALL students’ access to materials and improve their learning.

Participant Outcomes/Takeaways: You’ll come away with knowledge about how UDL improves learning for all students, resources for learning more about UDL, contact information for assistance, and an action plan for applying UDL to at least one of your course materials.

Light refreshments will be provided for the face to face workshop. (coffee, water, fruit? Cookies?)

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