Self-Paced Fundamentals of Blackboard (Ongoing)

Tuesday, January 1, 2019 12:00-Tuesday, December 31, 2019 11:00

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Upon entering the Blackboard shell, be sure to review the information within the “Getting Started” section. Please note that in this self-paced workshop, there are no specific start/end dates, however there is a twice a year maintenance period during which time the shell will be offline and all enrollments and quiz attempts are cleared.

This four-module, self-paced online workshop is designed for teaching faculty who wish to gain foundational knowledge of the Blackboard learning management system, but do NOT wish to gain certification for teaching online courses at Central Michigan University, or those who plan to do so by completing additional training. Blackboard is a very robust teaching environment that provides many opportunities to supplement courses and facilitate full-scale online course delivery. This workshop will impart the skills necessary to be successful in the use of Blackboard as a tool for teaching both face-to-face and online courses. This workshop offers faculty the opportunity to learn the capabilities of Blackboard and the ways in which they can implement the skills learned within their own classrooms through the following modules: Module 1 provides an overview of the Blackboard system at CMU and the features necessary to begin navigating/using Blackboard’s course menu and control panel. Module 2 addresses adding/organizing and managing various types of course content and course features. Module 3 addresses the use of evaluations (assignments, exams, safeassignments) and the use of Blackboard’s grade center. Module 4 addresses additional features, such as communication tools, groups, course reports, etc. Also covered are the processes necessary to re-use content from term to term: course copy/import/export. To enroll in the workshop, please do not click the Login button, simply visit this link:

This workshop is facilitated by the LMS Instructional Support Team.

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