Building Common Ground: Are We on the Same Page? - WEBINAR

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 :: 8:00-5:00 PM

Intended Audience: CMU Faculty

Facilitated By: Pei-Ju (PJ) Liu

In this program, you will learn strategies and tips to build common ground with students about the course logistics, requirements, policies, and expectations. First, you will examine your syllabus for critical components and writing styles. Also, you will explore other methods to show an overall picture of the class and/or explain your course to students using visual aids, audio, or video. This program is 100% online, asynchronous, and delivered via CMU Bb (with an optional open-mic live session).

Duration: You will invest 3 days (about one hour a day) for this program. You will read the materials and resources in day 1, work on hands-on tasks in day 2, and then complete and share your work in day 3.

Affiliated with Central Michigan University

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