Active Learning Series - Co-sponsored by CSE Active Learning Committee & CETLĀ :: Creating Engaging Media Components for your Class: How to really utilize Video MaterialĀ 

Friday, February 16, 2018 :: 3:30-4:30 PM

Intended Audience: Faculty & GTA's

Facilitated By: Daniela Richter, World Languages and Cultures

Too often videos are not utilized to their fullest potential in the classroom. Videos are great for conveying visual information, but students should learn to use this visual input as just one of several ways to gather information. Too often videos are used, as if they were an end in themselves, automatically delivering all the information to the student, who just has to receive it passively. This workshop introduces creative and engaging ways of using videos in class. Audio- visual media are presented as a way to start discussion, apply already learned material and skills and foster discussion (not end it). Attendees should bring their own laptops, because this is a workshop, after all, and you will create a mini teaching unit by the end of the workshop. It can be helpful to already pick a brief video that you are using or planning to use in one of your classes, lectures or seminars, ahead of time. Light refreshments will be provided.

Location: Dow 135

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