Active Learning Series - Co-sponsored by CSE Active Learning Committee & CETL - Student Exam Questions and Games – Effective Ways to get the Students to Practice

Friday, April 13, 2018 :: 3:30-4:30 PM

Intended Audience: Faculty & GTA's

Facilitated By: Anja Mueller, Chemistry

Usually homework is the only way to get students to practice difficult concepts – and that only if they get graded. But grading homework every week in large classes becomes difficult. Our research found that student exam questions are often more effective than homework to get students to practice. For each concept, all students write an exam question. For each concept, one file for the questions and one for the answers will be created, which then will be made available to the students. A portion of the exams will then be student questions. An additional method to get the students to practice is to develop games for the students. These could be card games, board games, computer games or any other games that practice specific concepts of the course. In this workshop I will present examples of simple games. The participants will have the opportunity to develop their own games during the workshop

Location: Dow 135

Affiliated with Central Michigan University

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